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Together with mezzo soprano Isabelle Osenau, they perform art songs of the Classical and Romantic era. The usage of marimba and vibraphone for the accompaniment puts the music in a different acoustic context and provides the listeners with a new experience of sound, texture and atmosphere.

Oorkaan Ensemble

In its 20th anniversary Oorkaan presents its own ensemble, with four multi-talented, sparkling young musicians of international top level. Harpist Michela Zanoni, clarinettist Michele Mazzini, bajanist Robbrecht Van Cauwenberghe and percussionist Veysel Dzhesur together form the Oorkaan Ensemble. 

They are trained according to the Oorkaan method to be theatrical performing musicians. They play all music by heart, creating space for theatrical performance. The repertoire they play has a double mission: to introduce as many small and large ears as possible to live performed music and to open up the canon with global classical music. The ensemble's permanent directors are Caecilia Thunnissen, artistic director of Oorkaan, and artistic coordinator Yorick Stam.

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